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I deleted almost all my CC ( I kept the decorative objects, patterns and CAS CC) but it's ok because I know where I can find the 1000 deleted files^^ (it's not true but I'm an optimistic person).

I created my selfsim (5 minutes, her face doesn't even look like mine) and I spend half an hour creating Pitipoum (selfcatsim (new word!!) of my real cat). The fur looks amazing in game!! and the "meow" is so cute!!!

My favourite object:

Unfortunately, someone stole it on the 1st night :(

Well, well, well... Where are you going Bambi?

You're not supposed to go to the movies!

The shop from the Store:

Some objects from PETS (Desk, Plant/endtable, chair, mirror, wall lamp, cheeseburger/cat painting, ant farm):

Tags: pics-pics-pics, ts3
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