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Apr. 23rd, 2014

Sans tituuure 1

I lost everything TS2 related when my old computer broke. But it seems that I saved my hair textures after all. And guess what? I REMEMBER HOW IT WORKS HAHA!!! I know that a lot of people are great at recoloring hair in a maxis-match way, but I want to use my own textures. Back in business?


Alicia Cabrera

Sans titre 1

I did the The Tumbleton Blind Date Challenge. This is Alicia, Marco Cabrera (by mmmork) is her father and Petunia Wade (by kalisasims) is her mother.
I don't remember how to make CC for the sims 2 but I still know how to share a sim :)
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Sans titre 1

After 2 days: I'm happy with my default skin and eyes. Leh and Sarhra for the win!!


YAY! I installed all my add-ons! Now I need Fraps, MORE CC and some mods that I totally forgot about haha. And of course something is already wrong with my game -> the shadows O_o (yes, the black thingie under my sim). But I'll fix that tomorrow, now I'm off to bed, Good night!!



Guess what, I REALLY want to play... I miss my "TS2 game". Is this a come back? MAybe haha :)

TS3 - Vintage Posters

I hope they'll be useful in your games too :)

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Evelyne Beautemps

A small update to show that I'm still here ;)
This is my new favourite sim: Evelyne, the private detective who needs a girl/boyfriend...


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Mid Century Kitchen

I had to format my computer and this set is what I saved. Now that my games and SimPE are installed I can update the set and share it. The appliances and the counter come from the "Mid Century Modern Kitchen Marvels"set (TS3 store) and the fruit bowl comes from the "Sea, Surf and Sand" set (TS3 store). Have fun!!

Counters from TS3 are made in a different way that in TS2 =(